Company Information

Genesis RTS’ overarching goal is to provide drilling operators the freedom to select the right data systems and tool suites that help them get downhole faster, cleaner and safer than ever before. Our technically advanced data systems are engineered to seamlessly integrate with the company’s proprietary real-time based software application suite and purpose built data monitoring centers. Our products and services completely adapt to our clients’ individual needs across their enterprise. We offer clients the expertise and ability to bring all drilling aspects in house. And, we are proving to clients they can have more control of their own destiny, reach new productivity benchmarks downhole and maximize profitability for every asset.

Genesis RTS represents a disciplined partnership of highly skilled subject matter experts in the drilling operations and completions environment, along with proven real-time systems engineers whose track record is unsurpassed. This exclusive collection of talent allows us to provide clients a unique success-based, low-risk opportunity to optimize their drilling operations while significantly reducing lost time and increasing the overall value of the well or field.

Genesis RTS helps our clients empower their greatest asset: people. Our subject matter experts are proven leaders in building knowledge management frameworks and selecting the right social collaboration tools that help workgroups overcome the breakdown in communications. Our culture driven knowledge management frameworks and full suite of innovative social collaboration tools connect your workforce’s daily rituals, enabling them to efficiently find critical information and communicate across multiple platforms and work environments. Our knowledge managements expertise is a collaborative effort from the minds of the most experienced knowledge management professionals in the oil and gas industry.

At Genesis RTS, we know that we are accountable for delivering results, not paper or promises. With that in mind we offer clients low risk, success based contracting options. That keeps us accountable to you.

When clients succeed, we succeed.