Vision & Mission

Defining a clear path. The Genesis RTS vision is to be the industry driver and leading expert in drilling, completions and production optimization, championing safety, efficiency and profitability through the use of technologically advanced, real-time information and knowledge management.

Mission possible. Genesis exists to empower operators by successfully employing vendor-neutral, cost-effective, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), fit-for-purpose real-time data and knowledge management solutions. We enable operators by showcasing the path to pursue vertical integration in drilling operations to include real-time operations monitoring, remote DD/MWD/LWD/Geosteering, rig-demanning, drilling completion services. And, by leveraging our proven drilling expertise with NASA-trained real-time skill sets, we will lead the industry in technology and adaption of command and control remote monitoring/operations, robotics and full-scale automation.