Genesis RTS Launches Holistic Real-Time Data Solution at SPE/IADC London, Booth #631

Monday, March 11, 2015

Genesis RTS is a pioneer in real-time systems analysis, development and deployment. Genesis RTS offers customers a success-based approach for drilling operations optimization through the use of real-time systems and software applications, and through the expertise of our optimization engineering team.

Genesis RTS, a leader in optimizing drilling performance through fit-for-purpose real-time systems, announced today the company plans to launch its holistic solution called GENESIS360™ at Booth 631 during the 2015 SPE/IADC Drilling Conference and Exhibition held March 17-19 at the Excel London Convention Centre.

Industry expertise, knowledge sharing coupled with an integrated real-time system capability elevates drilling performance while significantly reducing operator costs

GENESIS360 is an industry-proven method that empowers operators with the flexibility to modularly select the right drilling optimization expertise, processes and tools (software apps) to reach target depths faster and safer.

"It’s no secret that reducing well delivery costs and leveraging technological advancements in upstream operations is key for operators to thrive during challenging economic times," said Rob Campbell, CEO of Genesis RTS. "Genesis RTS through our GENESIS360 solution offers operators the freedom to select only the right products and services needed to optimize well delivery and safety on specific projects. Additionally, we show operators how to take ownership of their well delivery by providing a cross-platform, plug-and-play, real-time and well-planning solutions capability that is supported by industry thought leaders and experienced subject matter experts."

GENESIS360 further creates value by optimizing workflows and inspiring communication among decision makers for reliable and efficient performance throughout the well delivery lifecycle, specifically in the following areas:


Genesis RTS’ proven performance engineers and drilling optimization experts are some of the brightest minds in their field, but the company didn’t stop there. Genesis RTS combines all-star oil and gas talent with former NASA engineers and software developers who are renowned for their ability to design and implement cutting edge real-time systems and technologies.

Process Engineering

Genesis RTS’ process engineering, starts with optimized workflows to stimulate a disciplined, results-oriented drilling culture. By connecting all key decision makers responsible for successful well delivery ultimate value creation from real-time systems can be achieved. Change management is furthered by effective knowledge management and social collaboration solutions to facilitate and improve team communication, leading to efficient and standardized well delivery.


GENESISCORE is a robust, client-driven tool suite that offers operators mission critical dependability high data trustworthiness, functionality and versatility. The DNA of all tools and software applications within GENESISCORE revolves around the capability to provide essential highly reliable data, with best-in-class tools and operations centers for planning, real-time monitoring and reporting.

Sentinel RT, the cornerstone for GENESISCORE, is a behind-the-scenes rig data watchdog. When operators have bad rig data, Sentinel will know and provide corrected results at the rig, or within the GENESISCORE tools. Through high data reliability and trustworthiness, the Sentinel platform improves the fidelity of decision making and the operators ability to execute the well plan with precision. The results can lead to faster well delivery through improved rate of penetration and reduction of non-productive and invisible lost time due to sensor error. Sentinel value drivers include the following:

StressWorks is an all-new geo-mechanics application for calculating borehole stability, and reliable mud weights to reduce NPT events. The calculation engine is a state-of-the-art elasto-plastic mud weight calculation tool that goes beyond simple pore pressure/fracture gradient estimations. By incorporating wellbore stability and calculated mud weights, the StressWorks tool takes the guessing out, and puts the critical elements in the drillers hands to eliminate wellbore collapse and pore pressure issues. Approximately 20 percent of drilling operations expenditures is wasted on Non Productive Time (NPT), and a significant portion of NPT is associated with borehole stability and pore pressure fracture gradient challenges. StressWorks offers the power to plan, calculate and visualize borehole stresses along the wellbore path. StressWorks value drivers include the following:

RigTime is targets invisible lost time, providing timely and accurate reporting of key performance indicators that compares rig-to-rig, crew-to-crew, and shift-to-shift performance. RigTime value driver includes the following:

DrillFast is a drilling optimization capability that is designed to reduce an operator’s well delivery timeline while reducing rig drilling performance deviations across the entire fleet. DrillFast facilitates the reduction of well delivery time by assisting the driller to push the technical boundaries while simultaneously identifying and reducing NPT thru real-time and post-well analysis. DrillFast value drivers include the following:

Real-Time Operations Centers provide the collaborative workspace to focus precious tools and resources on supporting the drilling plan against actual and remote drilling operations. Genesis RTS’ approach to real-time systems is to build vendor-neutral, high-tech facilities for drilling and completions, and subsurface users, while empowering operators to build towards the future of drilling automation.


Results speak for themselves. Genesis RTS clients implementing prototype elements of GENESIS360 have increased rig performance rate-of-penetration (ROP) by up to 35 percent, lowering cost per foot, while reducing time to target depth by one-third, and drilling best-in-class wells within the first few wells. Millions already saved.

About Genesis RTS

Houston-based Genesis RTS’ overarching goal is to offer drilling operators the freedom to select the right data systems and tools that help them reach target depths faster and safer than ever before. Genesis RTS’ technologically advanced real-time systems are engineered to integrate with our clients’ legacy systems – product and service flexibility that adapts to our clients’ individual needs across their enterprise. And, we are proving to clients they can have more control of their bottom line, reach new productivity benchmarks, improve safety and maximize profitability for every asset in their operation.