GENESIS360™ Pathway to optimization & Automation

The oil and gas industry is currently facing several challenges (and will continue to do so over the coming decades) related to rising costs associated with complex drilling campaigns and a diminished workforce that is critical to plan and execute these projects. Through the transformative application and adaptation of advanced real-time operations systems methods, techniques, and tools, Genesis RTS is partnering with its customers to engineer and optimize drilling and completion operations. This will serve to protect and create value to the Enterprise, through improving safety, consistency, efficiency, and overall performance, as well as beneficially enhance the role and competency of the drillers in the field.

Focus on these strategic areas for value protection and value creation.

The Genesis RTS Difference

Genesis RTS is in the business of providing superior experience and expertise related to well engineering, drilling monitoring, optimization, and automation systems. The key to the implementation and sustainability of any successful innovation is a proven methodology and workflows supported by a focused organizational structure. At Genesis RTS, we have the proven talent and experience to implement a targeted, fit-for-purpose solution, configured for the needs of our clients and customers.

Our approach is based on our vision of bringing continuous value and long-term growth through a series of incremental steps adopting robust real-time techniques and technology, ultimately leading to drilling automation.

We possess years of experience in the development and implementation of advanced tools and techniques across multiple high tech industries, most noticeably in the oil & gas and aerospace sectors. Genesis brings this skillset to bear in developing novel approaches to addressing the most pressing challenges facing the drilling field today. Our GENESIS360 approach features a holistic, systematic approach to identifying and solving our customer’s issues and problems.

Our initial approach deals with the most urgent demands from the industry: