The amount of unstructured data generated each year is increasing exponentially, but information and knowledge management solutions are not keeping pace.

The Problem

An exploration function had recognized they hit the wall. They had an expansive repository of secure, unstructured data housed across the globe in geo-dispersed storage, but it was increasingly difficult to take advantage of that trove of current and historical data. This translated to missed opportunities and impacted the decision quality in the business. Study of analogs allows explorers to extrapolate and validate information, which improves decision making and the ability to identify and advance new prospects. Additionally, new technology opens up opportunities in previously analyzed plays that were once seen as not economically viable. The combination of these factors defined the importance of harvesting and benefiting from historical data.

In addition, late–career professionals were leaving the organization. They were effectively not only taking their technical knowledge with them, but also their knowledge on where documents and data were stored.

In the current state:

The Solution

An Integrated Global Information Management Solution

A robust and scalable architecture was developed and deployed across the global exploration organization that is in alignment with core business processes. The foundation of the solution was built on three integrated Systems of Record - structured, unstructured and geospatial — ensuring access to critical data. The solution infused knowledge management directly into the explorers’ workflows, placing key documents in a single environment. Discussions live on the same page as the critical accompanying documents and all other relevant information. A strong focus on proactive change management and changing behaviors played a major role in driving acceptance and adoption.

The business recognized that they needed to make an investment to aggressively move up the Wisdom Hierarchy. The company set forth an objective to move from the Data Stage to the Information Stage and the Knowledge Stage. This decision required rethinking how data is managed in order to generate incremental value.

Unlocking the Value of Big Data

The Boxley Group and Genesis RTS worked together to develop an innovative, user-friendly solution to solve this business challenge. The solution is built on trusted, governed data sources. Searching and accessing data through a geospatial interface, the explorers now find documentation associated with a discovery, or conduct a thorough analysis on prospects and well data with a few clicks.

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