STRESSWORKS is an elasto-plastic borehole stability modeling tool developed by Genesis RTS, designed to be an intuitive application for calculating safe minimum mud weights. STRESSWORKS offers well planners and drilling engineers the power to plan, predict and visualize the impact of mud weight on wellbore stability. Genesis RTS developers and subject matter experts understand that careful mud weight selection and real-time management reduce the frequency and severity of borehole instability and stuck pipe events, maximize penetration rates, and maintain good overall borehole health. Having the proper tools for well planning and monitoring is critical for safe, effective drilling operations, and STRESSWORKS allows for higher quality and safer well delivery than ever before.

Did you know major oil and gas operators waste approximately 20% of their drilling operations expenditures on Non Productive Time (NPT)?

Stressworks application

Web-Based Accessibility

Genesis RTS engineers developed STRESSWORKS as a web-based software application so that your people can easily access the application from any Internet-enabled device.

Well Planning, Predicting & Visualization

STRESSWORKS helps you identify the best mud weight for borehole stability, mitigating problems that may otherwise occur. The more you know, the better prepared you are to get the fluid requirements right, which improves safety and performance.

Cutting edge software for planning, predicting, and visualizing borehole stresses, STRESSWORKS was designed using finite element elasto-plastic wellbore modeling by one of the industry’s leading drilling optimization experts.

Did you know nearly 50% of all drilling NPT is associated with Borehole Stability (BHS) and Pore Pressure Fracture Gradient (PPFG) challenges?

Real-Time Situational Awareness

STRESSWORKS fast finite element code can process wellbore stability-related sensor data in real-time, which allows drilling engineers to closely monitor progress as it relates to the health of the wellbore and overall safety and performance. StressWorks is the tool for accurate downhole drilling margin management, comparing the pre-drilling plan with real-time mud weight analysis to allow you to mitigate borehole problems before they materialize.

Post-Drill Analysis

STRESSWORKS is excellently suited for post-well analysis and analyzing root-cause failures of wells that have experienced instability and/or stuck pipe problems. Well data and performance improvement recommendations are made available in various file formats that can be accessed and shared among key decisions makers responsible for well delivery.