Computer services, namely, design and implementation of computer software and hardware systems for creating and managing real time operation centers for drilling operations of others.

RIGTIME is like a heat-seeking missile targeting rig inefficiency, the cause of invisible lost time (ILT) which typically accounts for ~30% of overall rig time – timely and accurate reporting of key performance indicators that compares rig-to-rig, crew-to-crew, and shift-to-shift performance, and recommends an action plan for improvement.
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STRESSWORKS is an all-new geo-mechanics application for identifying potential mechanical borehole stability issues, allowing for optimized mud weights that will translate to a lower risk of borehole instability and stuck pipe, optimized casing designs and a higher rate of penetration.
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DrillFast is a state-of-the-art drilling optimization tool designed to help optimize well delivery timelines by eliminating drilling limiters. It can analyze historical data as well as be used for real-time performance optimization.
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Additional Capabilities

An innovative, user-friendly solution to bring the right information, tools, and people together in a trusted, fit-for-purpose E&P environment.
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The Genesis RTS RTOC provides collaborative workspaces to focus precious tools and resources on supporting the drilling plan against actual and remote drilling operations.
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Provides comprehensive modeling, evaluation and resolution for loss of drilling fluid.

An intuitive cementing planning and analysis tool for zonal isolation.